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Re-sync Cycle

From: Brice Oliver
Subject: Re-sync Cycle
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 08:00:23 -0500

A developer is working on project A, which creates new code that calls a
common function (the function is not included in project A). This function
is changed as part of another project, project B. Project B's changes are
committed to the repository before Project A. Unfortunately, the function
changes in Project B would cause Project A's testing to fail.  However,
since this function is not in Project A's list, the developer would miss it
in his testing / commit to CVS cycle. To handle this situation, should a
complete re-synch be done before every test/commit cycle? Should a watch be
placed on every function that a project uses?

Brice Oliver

Systems Analyst, Infrastructure
Product Development
Ontario Systems
Tel 765.751.7100
Fax 765.751.7199

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