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Any hangin lock issues, pserver, 1.11.10 & 1.11.11?

From: Mark
Subject: Any hangin lock issues, pserver, 1.11.10 & 1.11.11?
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 17:09:09 -0800 (PST)

I have attempted to upgrade from 1.11.1p1 on solaris 2.8 to 
1.11.11. We use a non-root pserver.

It seems that with 1.11.11(10), the 2 I have tryed, there quite 
often is lock files left, allong with the corresponding 
cvs-serv<id> directory. The server process exits, it is no longer 

This lock files left are in pairs. What I mean is the #cvs.lock 
directory is left with the correspondind #cvs.wfl* file.

Any ideas... thought it was 1.11.11 so I when to 1.11.10.... when 
it still happened, I put the 1.11.1p1 binary back... everything 
is fine now.

I built the 1.11.1p1 with solaris make (ccs) and sun workshop 
6.1, same with 1.11.11(10).... built them on the machine that 
they run on.



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