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Re: CVS users from NT domain?

From: Michal Goralczyk
Subject: Re: CVS users from NT domain?
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 10:00:24 +0100
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We have a Linux box used a s file server and for cvs with :pserver. But as
we have a mostly Windows Network the users are still kept in a NT Domain.
Is there a possibility to do the cvs authentification with the NT users? Maybe
with Samba? This is already running for the file server. Or can we only put
them in a file and keep it in sync by hand?

Configure samba as primary domain controller. Set samba password synchronization with unix passwords.
Users can change their passwords from windows using default windows tools.
Now you have prepared unix accounts that can be used to authenticate access to CVS. Another way is to setup samba as domain member, and point out that your password server is your current domain controller. In that case you don't need to move user account from current domain controller to samba. But I'm not sure if password synchronization works -- I did not try that config.

Michal Goralczyk

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