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RE: users file and notification

From: Peter Connolly
Subject: RE: users file and notification
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 09:07:53 -0800

> Can anybody tell me if there is a way to tell cvs to let the 
> file users map
> cvs users to email adresses? Or if there's another way to 
> configure cvs
> to send mail to the cvs users instead of system users?

If you want users notified when commits are made to specific CVS modules, this 
is done by using the following 'contrib' scripts and control files: is a PERL script that is run after commit processing 

loginfo: This is the control file used by log_accum. Each line contains a 
pattern of the module you are tracking; the email addresses that require 
notification; and the current $USER.

commit_prep: is a PERL script that will facilitates getting all the commit log 
messages (and diffs if requested) into a single log_accum email.

commitinfo: has a line for each module to track and the current $USER.

Once you've installed CVS, look in the .../cvs/share/cvs/contrib directory for 
the scripts.

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