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Re: Installing the new version

From: Matthew . Riechers
Subject: Re: Installing the new version
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 09:00:17 -0500

Andy Jones wrote:
> Okay, I admit it.  This is the one bit of Linux that gives me cold
> sweats.  I've just updated CVS to 1.11.10 the hard way, from source.
> Okay, when I say "the hard way" I mean that I just typed "./configure ;
> make ; make install " - but the thought of what *could* have gone wrong.....!

And a thought is all you have to make those cold sweats go away, unless
you capture the build output.

I would strongly suggest doing something like the following for every
step of the process:

        [build command] 2>&1 |tee _build_command.log

or something similar, so you can get a "warm fuzzy" feeling and relay
any errors to whomever you want to ask for help.

> I much prefer RPMs.

Sorry, I never touch the stuff. :)


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