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Re: CVS working directories on FAT

From: Paul Gelderblom \(ptok\)
Subject: Re: CVS working directories on FAT
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 23:36:52 +0100

> You could have trouble if Windows and Linux have a different idea of
> file line endings - you'd probably need to use the Cygwin CVS client
> or another that won't insert carriage returns when checking out text
> files on Windows.
Most windows clients have an option for Linux line endings - but there is
another  problem, even if you get around the line ending stuff: the local
administration of the sandbox (i.e. the contents of the CVS directories) is
slightly different for Linux and Windows clients. For example: using WinCVS
or TortoiseCvs on a linux sandbox (mounted via samba) does not work
Using the Cygwin client is probably your only option.

Why not create two sandboxes, one on your Linux partition and one on
Windows, and use the repository to keep them in sync - after all, CVS is
quite good at keeping separate sandboxes with changes in sync...

Paul Gelderblom

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