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Re: SSHD user-switching under Cygwin/XP (was Re: Case insensitivity ad n

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: SSHD user-switching under Cygwin/XP (was Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:09:17 -0500
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Nathan Kidd wrote:

> Derek Robert Price wrote:
>>> I didn't carefully read over this whole list of permutations, but at
>>> first glance, perhaps it's just the domain for oberon that's missing?
>>> e.g.
>>> net use z: \\empress\oberon /user:empress\oberon  <password>
>>> Yep.  That's it, I just also have to login using a password rather than
>>> my private/public key pair.
>> As I revisit this, I note however, that this is not sufficient.  I'm
>> trying to set up automated testing, so I couldn't enter the password if
>> I wanted to - even saving to a file and attempting to echo it to ssh
>> doesn't work because ssh grabs the TTY to get the password.  I really
>> need to use public key authentication, but this prevents SSHD from
>> grabbing the Windows authentication tokens.
>> I think maybe this is a Windows (combined with SSHD?) limitation that I
>> cannot get any access to network resources without authenticating with a
>> password?
> I don't know if this helps in your situation, but if you are always
> testing from the same machine you could have a persistent connection
> to some share on empress using oberon's password.  Any subsequent
> access to any share on empress will automatically use this
> user/password without prompting for it.  That is, it is sufficient to
> simply run:
>    net use * \\empress\oberon
> But then if you do this you might as well make the original connection
> you want as persistent and never even bother with "net use" in your
> script.
> (On W2K, at least, it doesn't even seem possible to use a password
> from STDIN.)

That doesn't work.  As near as I can tell now based on my experiments
and reading, my problem is that I am attempting to launch the tests via
an automated ssh connection from another computer.  SSHD on Cygwin does
user-switching, but only gets Windows auth tokens if you use your
Windows password to login.  Since I can't use a password with ssh from
an automated script, I cannot get Windows auth tokens, and without
Windows auth tokens, Windows won't let me see or mount, _any_ network
share, not even a share that allows anonymous connections.


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