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Re: SSHD user-switching under Cygwin/XP (was Re: Case insensitivity ad n

From: Nathan Kidd
Subject: Re: SSHD user-switching under Cygwin/XP (was Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 13:22:55 -0500
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Derek Robert Price wrote:
I didn't carefully read over this whole list of permutations, but at
first glance, perhaps it's just the domain for oberon that's missing?


net use z: \\empress\oberon /user:empress\oberon  <password>

Yep.  That's it, I just also have to login using a password rather than
my private/public key pair.

As I revisit this, I note however, that this is not sufficient.  I'm
trying to set up automated testing, so I couldn't enter the password if
I wanted to - even saving to a file and attempting to echo it to ssh
doesn't work because ssh grabs the TTY to get the password.  I really
need to use public key authentication, but this prevents SSHD from
grabbing the Windows authentication tokens.

I think maybe this is a Windows (combined with SSHD?) limitation that I
cannot get any access to network resources without authenticating with a

I don't know if this helps in your situation, but if you are always testing from the same machine you could have a persistent connection to some share on empress using oberon's password. Any subsequent access to any share on empress will automatically use this user/password without prompting for it. That is, it is sufficient to simply run:
   net use * \\empress\oberon

But then if you do this you might as well make the original connection you want as persistent and never even bother with "net use" in your script.

(On W2K, at least, it doesn't even seem possible to use a password from STDIN.)


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