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Format for 1.11.10's contrib's loginfo, used by log_accum commit script

From: Peter Connolly
Subject: Format for 1.11.10's contrib's loginfo, used by log_accum commit script?
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 13:52:09 -0800

I asked this question before and got pointed to the Cederqvist manual, which 
does *not* help at all.  Please don't tell me to RTFM, the answer is not there.

We are on CVS 1.11.5, moving to 1.11.10. We are using a really old version 
(1.11.1p) of the and loginfo files.  I would like to upgrade to 
the commit_prep and log_accum scripts that are included in the 
$CVS/share/cvs/contrib directories of 1.11.10.  However, I can't find any 
documentation or examples of what this variant of the 'loginfo' file should 
look like.  When I run with the old formatted version of the loginfo file, I 
get a "Too many arguments" error coming out of <process_argv>.

Now, I could spend a week learning PERL and figure out the format that is 

BUT, I'd really rather not.

Does anyone out there know the file format required for the 'loginfo' file that 
is included in the 'contrib' directory of 1.11.10 CVS???  Presumably someone 
out there wrote this thing and knows what inputs it takes???


Peter Connolly, CNET Networks, Inc.
(415) 344-2840

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