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RE: Completion messages

From: Brice Oliver
Subject: RE: Completion messages
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 08:17:47 -0500

I noticed that all of the messages that seem to be returned to the client
use the function
"error()".  Is there a function that returns success messages?

When reading the code the messages that I normally receive from the server
are all using the function error.  The only difference is that the errors
that are meant to terminate the session pass a 1 in for the first parameter,
and everything else passes a 0 for the first parameter.

Are all of the messages that pass a 0 in for the first parameter, meant to
be the successful messages?

Brice Oliver

Systems Analyst, Infrastructure
Product Development
Ontario Systems
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Brice Oliver writes:
> The example I have is when running the add command, I get back something
> like "scheduling file <FILE> . . . "  Where is the code does it contain
> message that get returned to the user that are not error messages?  I have
> looked in add.c and that is where I found the error messages, but I am
> unable to find the completion messages.

Look again -- that's where they are.

-Larry Jones

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