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Re: SSHD user-switching under Cygwin/XP (was Re: Case insensitivity ad n

From: Max Bowsher
Subject: Re: SSHD user-switching under Cygwin/XP (was Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum)
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 13:54:52 -0000

Derek Robert Price wrote:
> My research so far leads me to believe that the problem is that the
> Local System Account does not have permission to access the drive.
>>> it set up for nightly testing (if anyone knows how to get Cygwin sshd to
>>> allow access to a mounted Samba share via its login shell, I could use
>>> some assistance).

I haven't been following the case-insensitivity thread, but is this the

You are logging in to Cygwin sshd using publickey auth (i.e. no password),
and you cannot access a Samba/Windows share that your user should be able

If so, the explanation is this:

sshd runs as the Windows SYSTEM user (or other user with sufficient rights)
to create Windows authentication tokens. These are fully valid on the local
machine, *but* if you do not log in with a password, the token does not
contain a password (because there is no way to know what it is - it is
hashed in the Windows password database). Therefore, no password = unable to
authenticate to remote machines, therefore unable to access network shares.

There is no elegant solution. Inelegant solutions include:
* Only log into sshd with a password.
* Put your password into a file only readable by you, and use it with the
Windows "net use" command during your .profile, to connect to the network


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