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Limitation on --allow-root pserver options?

From: Mark
Subject: Limitation on --allow-root pserver options?
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 08:57:41 -0800 (PST)

We have cvs pserver 1.11.1p1 setup on solaris 2.8 and a wrapper script in
/etc/inetd.conf to allow many --allow-roots (we have many apps/groups/business
units we provide CM support for, thus the need to many repos). We use WinCVS
1.3 for the client.

Currently we have 58 --allow-root options setup in the wrapper script. The 58th
--allow-root does not work/is not recognized.

When we try to login via pserver:
    - the client gets "no such repository" message
    - the server logs a "login refused for" in /var/adm/messages 

When I moved that 58th -allow-root to the top of the -allow-root list, it
worked, but then the new last one in the list, now has the above described

Is this a solaris limitation or a cvs limitation (there are about 2513
characters that make up the --allow-root argument string, excluding any

I could use different ports on the server to balance out the repositories....
but WinCVS 1.3 doesn't retain port info inside the CVS admin subdirectory files
in the workares.... which causes problems for users who have to work out of
repos on different ports at the same time..... (ie. instead of WinCVS 1.3
gathering all it needs from a workarea's CVS subdir to commit/update etc... it
uses the current port settings in the WinCVS preferences regardless of what the
workarea is currently being used.... this is quite annoying and confusing)...
if this issues has been fixed in WinCVS 1.3, please let me know.

Any help/insight/suggestions is appreciated..... yes we only have one solaris
server to use, and yes we must have independent repositories......



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