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added but...

From: Wayne Walker
Subject: added but...
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 22:51:36 -0600
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I'm having a terrible time with merges (of course at release time).
Here is my second problem (first is in a separate email).

When I run this in a directory that's a checkout of the HEAD (trying to
merge the branch stuff in):

cvs -q update -j foo-6 -j foo-branch

I get this response:

cvs update: file exists, but has been added in revision foo-branch

This is listed for nearly one hundred files (in a 1000 file project).

At least most, maybe all of the files cvs is complaining about existed
before the branch was created so they should already exist in both the
HEAD and the branch

The repository in question is running on RedHat 8.0 with CVS 1.11.2.  

The same behavior exists using 1.11.9.  (I copied the repository to
another machine and upgraded cvs there).  About to build 1.12.2, but
don't expect that to fix this.

Thank you in advance!

Wayne Walker
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