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Re: Re: System username and :ext:/SSH

From: Lazy Dumbness
Subject: Re: Re: System username and :ext:/SSH
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 9:32:32 +0800

I also have a question.Maybe you have told about it but only I'm not 
understand. I want to know,via :ext:/SSH,weather a user must be and 
OS user?No matter how security the ssh is.I don't want give them
the OS account.The /CVSROOT/passwd file, :pserver: give a way needn't
system account but still can access the CVS repository.Is ssh also 
can do so? I'm afraid it can't,because I tried but failed.

>[ On Sunday, November 16, 2003 at 11:22:41 (+0200), Stephen Biggs wrote: ]
>> Subject: System username and :ext:/SSH
>> Is there a way to duplicate the behavior of the CVSROOT/passwd actions when 
>> logging on with SSH?
>> Specifically, if there is a system username alias in the passwd file, this 
>> takes effect when logging on with a password.
>> Is there a way to get that system username when accessing the repository 
>> using 
>> SSH through :ext:?
>SSH is SSH.  It's a true remote job execution protocol with the ability
>to enforce strong authentication and full Unix authorisation.  Every
>SSH user is a real OS user.  I.e. SSH makes it possible to use a remote
>CVS server with almost as much security as one would be able to achieve
>if everyone had to do all their CVS work directly on the machine where
>the CVS repository resides.  You don't need, or want, anything to do
>with the flawed and totally insecure cvs-pserver functionality when
>you're using SSH properly.
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