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Re: Using rdiff to check if tag exists

From: Aldo TENDRON
Subject: Re: Using rdiff to check if tag exists
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 18:25:45 +0100

> Then you rdiffed on c, which contains the tag, so the tag is
> added to val-tags. The second time you check on d, the tag
> "exists", even though the diff will be obviously empty.

So, if a tag is successfully used one time, cvs assumes that it exists
for all modules ? Is this a cvs issue, or is it a normal feature ?
> The only reliable way I've found to check for the existence of
> tags is 'cvs stat -v' (but that's a pain for directories).

yes, but it's very time consuming with 8000 files in a module... 

Perhaps a better approach is to create a special file 'lsttag' in every
cvs module. This file will be tagged with every rtag command, so I can
use cvs stat -v on that particular file ? Is this a correct approach ?

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