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Re: Can't understand usage of 'cvs admin -bxxx .', desiring for help.

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Can't understand usage of 'cvs admin -bxxx .', desiring for help.
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 09:55:26 -0500 (EST)

Lazy Dumbness writes [in excruciatingly long lines with very bad
> Up is a section of CVS manual.I can't understand it really.first,it
> said that 'if you have a checked-out copy of sources...',what is the
> release reverion of this source?

In most cases it doesn't really matter.

> To recored it:cvs import -m"1.1" soft company
> release2OK,problem occurs.the cvs noticed:cvs import -m "111" my upidea
> release2C my/a.c1 conflicts created by this import.Use the following
> command to help the merge:        cvs checkout -j<prev_rel_tag>
> -jrelease2 myIf I want use new release and want new release merged my
> own modify.I'm sure I may do like upon.But if I want lost all my modifed
> for my ownproblem is solved in the new release and much more perfect
> than I do.So it seemed I shoud "reverting to the lastest vendor
> release",is this right?

You still need to do the suggested merge (and commit) to allow CVS to
note any files that were removed since the previous import.

> And I think what I shout do is.cvs checkout -r
> release2 softcvs admin -brelease2 .Here the cvs told me:cvs admin:
> Administrating .RCS file: /home/dumb/cvsroot/my/a.c,vcvs admin:
> /home/dumb/cvsroot/my/a.c,v: Symbolic name release2 is undefined.cvs
> admin: RCS file for `a.c' not modified.The manual use a command 'cvs
> admin -bWDIFF .' to explain this.I don't know what the 'WDIFF' means and
> where it come from?It's shout be anreversion.But in the manual it not
> said where the symbolic name WDIFF came from.I have no idea about
> this.Can somebody help?Thanks a lot. 

You want to use the vendor branch tag ("company" in your example), not a
specific release tag.

-Larry Jones

How am I supposed to learn surgery if I can't dissect anything? -- Calvin

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