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Re: Checkout without \r's

From: Andy Jones
Subject: Re: Checkout without \r's
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 16:14:47 +0000

wincvs has an option to check files out with *NIX line terminators. Maybe this will do what you want.

But really that is not the point. Inherent in the idea of a text file is that you should be able to edit it. The convention is that *NIX and DOS terminate the line endings differently on a text file. The file has not changed. It is merely conforming with the standards of the platform - or else (clever editors aside) how would you be able to edit it? Try opening a *NIX-style text file in Notepad and see what you get.

if only they had realized sooner, this mentality that 'what you checkin is NOT what you checkout' would not have been so concrete, and this ... would not be an issue.

I would suggest that for the majority of CVS users, this is already not an issue.

If you are going to use a hashing algorythm to check if the file has changed, then you need to remove the line terminators before making the hash, because they are not part of your data, but an os-specific part of the way the data is being stored.

And you might want to consider removing whitespace too, because presumably you are only interested in noticing if a *meaningful* change has happened to the file.

Alternatively you could use CVS to tell you if the file has changed.

Andy Jones
Tapestry Software

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