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Re: CVS merge

From: Y Hu
Subject: Re: CVS merge
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 18:23:19 -0800 (PST)


I don't think my following merge result is correct. I
did a merge in branch1 to join branch2 as following

branch1$ cvs -q update -Pd -kk -j branch1 -j branch2

There is only one file shown me the conflicts by
"<<<<<<" and ">>>>>>" comments embedded in the file.
Many other files in branch1 are simply replaced by
branch2 source files and created .#file1.h.1.2.3,
.#file2.c.1.2.5 ....

For example, the file1.h in branch1 includes three
functions A(), B() and C(). The file1.h in branch2 has
only two functions A() and B(). I expected that the
merged new file would include A(), B() and C(), but to
be surprised, the new merged file has only A() and
B(), same as branch2 source file. The function C() was
simply lost. Is this normal behavior or am I missing
something here?

(CVS version 1.10 for Window, I guess, it is

Thank you.


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