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cvs log command help

From: Joseph.VanQuakebeke
Subject: cvs log command help
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 14:47:32 -0700

    I am trying to find out the file name and revision number of every file 
that is tagged by a release tag.  My first thought is to use the log command 
and parse the output.  So I type:  cvs log -rTAG_NAME -sRel MY_Directory 
<enter>  .  My reasons for the options are: -rTAG_NAME - I only want the 
revisions with this tag.  -sRel - I only want files that are in the Rel state.  
What I get back is a listing of all the files tagged with this label + a whole 
bunch of stuff in the Attic that is not tagged.   Why does log read the files 
in the Attic if they are not tagged.  Am I missing the meaning of the options?  
Am I missing an option?  Please let me know how you generate a file listing to 
go into a version description document.?  I even went so far as to checkout the 
module using the -rTAG_NAME option but that didn't help.

Thank you

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