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Re: How to Rename a Branch Tag

From: Dennis W. Bulgrien
Subject: Re: How to Rename a Branch Tag
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 11:13:31 -0600

Thanks Larry, for clearing up some of my confusion.  Our CVS must be older, for
cvs tells me "invalid option -- B".  Perhaps a stand-in would be "cvs admin -n

$ cvs -H admin
Usage: cvs admin [options] files...
        -n tag[:[rev]]  Tag branch or revision.  If :rev is omitted,
                        delete the tag; if rev is omitted, tag the latest
                        revision on the default branch.

"Larry Jones" wrote...
cvs admin -n newname:oldname
cvs tag -Bd oldname
...You're a bit confused, however

Dennis W. Bulgrien writes:
How can the name of a tag that is a branch point be changed...

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