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RE: Server Responses

From: WJCarpenter
Subject: RE: Server Responses
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 12:20:10 -0800

brice> How do I know when a response from the CVS server will have
brice> more than one line.  I have read the documentation on the
brice> client/server protocol, but it still leaves me with questions.

brice> For example: Not every line that comes back to the client has
brice> one of the responses that is found in the valid-response list:
brice> Clear-sticky OLIVER/ C:\REPOS/OLIVER/ These two lines appear
brice> together, but does the second line always appear when the first
brice> line is sent back as a response?  If so, how many responses
brice> from the CVS server will have this type of setup?

The client/server spec describes this case.  Where the server response
supplies a "pathname", it's actually a pair of what most people think
of as pathnames, and there is a linefeed between them.  Have a look at
section 5.10 (The "pathname" in responses).
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