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Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum

From: Jim
Subject: Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 23:26:26 -0800

> We once had the minor problem that somehow files showed up twice
> (e.g. doing an update). It turned out that the case of the file itself
> match the entry in the entries file. So cvs once reported the file from
> the entries file and then again while looking for unknown files. It
> correctly, it just did the file twice. But that's something the local
> needs to handle (I guess) and not the server. So I don't know if this has
> something to do with your actual work, I just thought I'd mention it.

Yes - if you use a poor editor it will not preserve the case of the
filenames.  FAT32, NTFS both preserve the case, even if it doesn't actually
USE the case...  It is entirely feasible to leave CVS case sensitive and
make a note somewhere that the responsibility of preserving the case is on
the user.


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