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Merge point confusion.

From: David Wood
Subject: Merge point confusion.
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 17:55:55 -0500

This is a complicated problem - a brainteaser if you will. 

I have a "Home" branch, and two children which branch from home (A, and 

If I make a change in A, and then merge A into Home, great.

If I make a conflicting change in B and then try to merge B into Home, it 
gives a conflict. Also fine.

So I merge A into B, and then commit to B.... 

Then when I try to merge B into Home, I _still_ get conflicts - because 
A's delta is being merged twice? I think?

OK so far?

So if I have merged A into Home, and A into B, how do I then merge B into 
Home as well?

I _think_ my solution is to make a tag at the point A merged to B, and 
merge FROM that tag, TO "current B." This does appear to work. 

What confuses me about it even more is that, after I do this, I see 
changes on Home that I made to B before the point where A was merged in!

I fear I am misunderstanding the way CVS is deciding what to do with merge 
from and to points, and I cannot find answers to questions this specific 
in the references. 

Does anyone who is frighteningly familiar with merging understand what's 
going on here?


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