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RE: revision/version numbers

From: Paul Sander
Subject: RE: revision/version numbers
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 03:06:42 -0800

>--- Forwarded mail from address@hidden

>Todd Denniston [mailto:address@hidden wrote:
>> "Jim.Hyslop" wrote:
>> >   echo ^RCS file:>filerev
>> >   echo ^revision >>filerev
>> >   cvs log -rCURRENT_TAG | grep -f filerev
>> I think the above may give you some false positives, the 
>> files in the Attic
>> (dead & don't have the tag) lists all revs in the file.
>Yes, it will, I neglected to mention that.

>> cvs log -t |grep -e "CURRENT_TAG" -e "^RCS file:"|grep -B1 
>> shows just the files that have the tag. (I think)
>Yes, that will work the way you expect. The only thing I can think of that
>might mess that up would be a file that happens to have a filename that
>contains the same text as the tag. Anchoring the tag with the
>beginning-of-line followed by a tab should handle that - I'm not conversant
>enough with grep to figure out how to tell grep to match a tab character
>though :-)

A tab, placed between quotes should do nicely.

There's also the rinfo program, which is designed to extract certain data
like rlog does, only in a way that is intended to be scanned automatically.
It's located at the following URL:

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