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Problem with pserver

From: Larsson Mattias
Subject: Problem with pserver
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 15:22:42 +0100

Hi there!

We are using the latest stable version of cvs here at work for out
developers but we have ran into trouble.

It seems some users can't access the cvs via pserver from home either ISDN
or modem connecting to the corp lan.

>From work it works like a charm, no problems at all but home users
have trouble. They use Tortoise client on Windows.

>From what I can see in messages or syslog there is nothing out of the
ordinary from cvs. We don't use any special restrictions on inetd either,
only Solaris default inetd service.

Does anyone have any ide' what this can be?

Mattias Larsson @ Unix,KTD,Dataservice
Tele: 63(4617), Mobil: 070-6560660
/* There are 10 kinds of people,
    those who read binary and those how don't. */

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