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Ampermods / Branches

From: Dan Milstein
Subject: Ampermods / Branches
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 12:41:28 -0500
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I have an existing project, with a module:

ans-site ans/site

We now have a need to share some code between two different projects. I created a new module:

ui-gen ans/ui-gen

And modified the other module definition to include it via an ampermod:

ans-site ans/site &ui-gen

Now I have a problem, though. If I check out the HEAD default branch of ans-site, I *do* get the ui-gen subdirectory where it should be. If, however, I check out a branch which already existed when I modified the CVSROOT/modules file, it doesn't pick up the ui-gen directory. Is this a bug? Is it the desired behavior? Note that the cvs checkout output mentions descending into the ui-gen module -- it just doesn't actually pick up any of the files there.

Note: we do most of our development on branches -- and we almost never use the default HEAD branch, but instead have our own "Release" branch which we fork off and merge back into.

How can I get an existing branch (like 'Release'), to know about the new ampermod?

-Dan Milstein

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