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FW: Save the bunnies

From: Andy Baker
Subject: FW: Save the bunnies
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 01:08:24 -0000

Sorry for the spam, but this is something I feel strongly about.

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From: Andy Baker [mailto:address@hidden 
Subject: Save the bunnies

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Hi Folks,

A good friend of ours has run a rabbit rescue centre for 12 years taking
in and attempting to rehome abused and neglected animals that would have
otherwise been destroyed for no good reason other than they were "no
longer wanted".

The bleedin' petty minded local council now want to shut her down on the
trumped up charge that she causes extra traffic in her road (which isn't
true anyhow).

Many of these bunnies can't be rehomed as they're very sick or plain

Bottom line is that if the council get their way ALL THESE RABBITS WILL

Please help us prevent this obscenity taking place by visiting our
website at and signing the petition.

If you care about animals and/or justice please help by forwarding this
mail to anybody you think may be interested.

Many many thanks in advance.



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