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Repository File Corruption

From: Wayne Johnson
Subject: Repository File Corruption
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:48:13 -0800 (PST)

We had an interesting experience last night.  We have a RH Linux CVS
server that holds several (hundred?)thousand repository files.  A large
number (>50) of the CVS files got corrupted (truncated) when (according
to the history file) one of our users in Germany did a Tag request.  The
files affected were contained only within a few directories, but didn't
seem to follow any pattern.  
This happened once before, last year.  Same repository but a different
machine (which we promptly executed and buried in the back lot).  We now
have a new superfast multi-processor raid-5 server.  We would REALLY
prefer this not happen again.
One interesting coincidence was that most of the files needing to be
restored were on the backup tape that was started just a few minutes
before the corruption occurred.  10 were corrupted on this tape and we
had to restore from the previous nights tape.

Is it possible that somehow our Veritas back up program is confusing CVS
somehow?  I can't see the Veritas backup daemon modifying the file, and
our sysadmin doesn't think it should even be locking the file.
Anyone have any other ideas?  

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