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Files beginning with a minus sign

From: Franky Van Liedekerke
Subject: Files beginning with a minus sign
Date: Fri 28 Mar 2003 12:06:30 +0100

Hi all,

I added a whole directory to CVS, and everything is working great, except for 
one thing: I checked in a file starting with a "-" (the minus sign).
Now one of my collegues uses wincvs to edit this new project, and he wanted to 
delete the file. Marking the file for deletion was ok, but the commit is not 
working. The cvs commit command at first complained about this file with 
"unknown option", so I called cvs like this:

cvs commit -m "message" -- -filename.txt

So now the cvs command itself ws happy, but the server complains with:

up-to-date check failed for -filename.txt

Can anybody help me how to get rid of this? Or do I need to say to everybody: 
don't use files starting with a minus sign, and delete the file manually from 

With friendly regards,


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