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Re: wrong commit/ seeking branching advice

From: Dusan Juhas
Subject: Re: wrong commit/ seeking branching advice
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 15:02:52 +0100 (CET)

Hi Ed,

> Is there a way to reverse the changes, or at least move the
> changed revision from the main trunk to the branch?

CVS is like the toilet paper - once you use it, it's not clean
to roll it back ;-)

To get over it just make a desired branch from a current main trunk,
then ckeck out recent main trunk, export (cvs export) the version you want
to be `on the top' and commit changes.

> it to use MySQL on a central server.  In this case,
> is it natural to use the branching technique to differentiate
> the non-Mysql app to the MySQL app?   Or should I just
> forget the branches and use a seperate repository?

It depends up to you. Generally speaking branches are good for
several versions of the same software. If your apps share the same
source files, branches would help you. If this is not the case
you can use modules to have everything together but relatively
independent. Separate repositories expect no links between projects.
You can define independent permissions, pre and post-commit actions etc.
but you are not sharing the same sources.


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