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Re: cvs issue reporting

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: cvs issue reporting
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 13:27:28 -0500

Mark Cooper wrote:
> Last week, I posted a message to this group for help with a particular
> problem, namely that when merging between two branches (as opposed to
> merging between branch and trunk) under certain circumstances removed
> files can be re-added.
> Having investigated this according to the single useful response I got
> (thanks to Matthew Herrmann), I am 99.9% sure that there is an issue (as a
> developer myself I hesitate to use the word 'bug') which needs addressing.
> So. My question is 'How do I report an issue or bug to the cvs development
> team?'.
> Mark Cooper

Like Larry said:
> Seriously, you asked a hard question that will require some serious
> investigation and thought.

Mark, have you considered generating a set of commands to generate your error?
With a repeatable procedure to generate the problem, the problem is half
solved... most of the time. (it is possible you have done this and I have not
seen it because I am not subscribed to the bug list)

from your first email:
Mark Cooper wrote:
> We have recently noticed a difference in the way that a merge works
> between two branches and between a branch and the main trunk.
> Consider the following:
> branch taken from trunk
> work proceeds
> some files removed from trunk (head)
> new branch taken from trunk
> working copy updated to new branch
> first branch merged into new branch
I generated the following script, which unfortunately I do not see your problem
 mkdir testcvs
 mkdir testcvs/testrepo
 export CVSROOT=~/testcvs/testrepo/
 cd testcvs/
 cvs init
 mkdir testrepo/baseline
 cvs checkout baseline
 cd baseline/
 touch testfile.txt
 cvs add testfile.txt 
 cvs commit -m "need file"
 cvs tag tag1
 cvs tag -b -r tag1 tag1b
 cd ..
 cvs checkout -r tag1b -d branch baseline
 cd branch/
 pwd >> testfile.txt
 cvs commit -m message
 cd ../baseline/
 cvs remove -f testfile.txt
 cvs commit -m removeal
 touch nefile
 cvs add nefile 
 cvs commit -m "add nefile"
 cvs tag tag2
 cvs tag -b -r tag2 tag2b
 cd ..
 cvs checkout -r tag2b -d working baseline 
 cd working/
 cvs update -j tag1b -j tag2b
cvs --version
Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.10.8 (client/server)
Yes I know that machine needs updated! Bad Todd, will make better use of /opt
and simlinks in the future. :)

btw when I try it with a newer version I get the same answer.
cvs --version
Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.5 (client/server)

I'd crawl over an acre of 'Visual This++' and 'Integrated Development
That' to get to gcc, Emacs, and gdb.  Thank you.
        -- Vance Petree, Virginia Power

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