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cvs windows 2000 case sensitivity issue

From: David Everly
Subject: cvs windows 2000 case sensitivity issue
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:59:25 -0700
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Our cvs pserver is on Solaris.  A cvs client is on windows 2000.
We are using the latest version for both server and client.

Initially, we had a directory in all uppercase (SOMEDIRECTORY).  We
did cvs remove -f of all the files in that directory followed by cvs
commit.  Then we made a different directory (SomeDirectory), copied
files into that directory, then did cvs add SomeDirectory, cvs add of
the files inside that directory, followed by cvs commit.

Unfortunately on the windows client, we now get SOMEDIRECTORY filled
with files when doing cvs checkout of the module containing

The .cvsrc file on the client contains:

cvs -q -z3
tag -c
update -P -d
checkout -P

For historical reasons, we would like to keep both directory names
(SOMEDIRECTORY for previous releases, SomeDirectory for current and
future releases).

This seems to be possible on a Unix client, but is it possible in a
windows client, where we don't need to have the two directories
existing simultaneously?


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