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RE: new feature.

From: Paul Sander
Subject: RE: new feature.
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 15:27:43 -0800

What Marc is describing is a different paradigm for change management.
Systems such as Aide-de-Camp track features, and when you want a workspace
you specify a set of features that you want.

There are limitations to such a system, as you would expect, but it is
viable approach.

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>(a) Please don't reply to individual list members - address yourself to
>the list itself, if you don't mind..
>(b) Interesting idea, but why do you want to avoid tagging everything?


>Is this something you're already doing with another revision control
>system? I can't think of any commonly used revision control system that
>does the sort of thing you're asking - at least, not ClearCase or
>Perforce, which are the other two I've used extensively.  

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>> From: Marc Tessier [mailto:address@hidden 

>> I would like to see a feature to extract the most recent 
>> revision of a file from a list of TAGs specified as a 
>> parameters. Like  Tag A B C  and the file rev in A is 1.10  
>> and in C it's 1.12   so If a do a checkout or export of TAG A 
>> B and C   I will get the most recent file that is 1.12 from TAG C.
>> Some people work with CVS by tagging all the files but in my 
>> case I just want to work with delta. I do not need to resend 
>> to my people all files  just need to send them delta so my 
>> packages are small all the time.

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