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CVS and Bugzilla integration

From: Brian G. Peterson
Subject: CVS and Bugzilla integration
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 17:04:05 -0600

I am writing to see if someone can give me some information on integrating
CVS with Bugzilla.

I've scoured the web, without success, so I'll outline what I know so far,
and hopefully someone can pick up where I leave off, and point me in the
right direction.

I've implemented the Bugzilla email gateway, which can use an email to
append to a bug report or to change the resolution of a bug.

I understand that many people use a cvs loginfo script to send a specially
formatted email or call the Bugzilla email gateway script directly.  I've
found several references to this on various lists, and even in the Bugzilla
documentation, but no links to actual code to do this.

I've looked at CVSZilla, which integrated an older version of Bugzilla and
CVS, and added a web interface on top of things, but this is too heavyweight
for my needs, and doesn't work on recent Bugzilla code anyway.

So, information from anybody about a cvs loginfo (or other) script to pass
information to Bugzilla on cvs commit information would be vastly

Thanks in advance,

        - Brian Peterson

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