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CVS Server on RH 8.0

From: john
Subject: CVS Server on RH 8.0
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 13:54:55 +0000
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I have installed RH 8.0 professional (in the "server" mode) on a PC, which I intend to use as CVS server/repository. So I want to install CVS server on it.

I am confused as to how to proceed.
I downloaded automake-1.5-cvshome.1.noarch.rpm from
I attempt to install the package, but it said the a newer package (something like automake-1.6.1) was already installed. It may be the case the CVS is already installed as part of RH8.0...or not. Either way, I don't know how to proceed
I didn't see any installation instructions at the page.

Thanks for any help,

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