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Re: Branch Merging Behaviour

From: Mark Cooper
Subject: Re: Branch Merging Behaviour
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 17:42:24 +0000

Thanks for the response Larry, at least I know it hasn't dropped into a 
black hole now :)

I think I'll probably post an issue on anyway to see if it is 
an already documented problem or 'known behaviour'.

Mark Cooper

address@hidden (Larry Jones)
19/03/2003 17:22

        To:     address@hidden (Mark Cooper)
        cc:     address@hidden
        Subject:        Re: Branch Merging Behaviour

Mark Cooper writes:
> I'll just have to report this as an issue and see if I can get a 
> that way.

Posting here is far more likely to generate responses than reporting
issues on

> Having once again perused the archives I have found this mentioned a few 

> times, but surprisingly not a single response (not even to tell the 
> question poser to RTFM!), not even from the ever entertaining Mr. 
> Jones.....

Thank you.  For my next number....

Seriously, you asked a hard question that will require some serious
investigation and thought.  I, like most of the other people here, work
on CVS in my copious spare time.  Easy questions get answered quickly,
hard questions slowly, if ever.  Sorry.

-Larry Jones

In a minute, you and I are going to settle this out of doors. -- Calvin

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