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Removing/Deleting Repositories

From: Tumy, Brad
Subject: Removing/Deleting Repositories
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 10:03:45 -0500

In that this is my first time using CVS I have set up a repository and then
deleted it because I have found that I wanted a different directory
structure.  My reasoning for this is that I am trying to make development
and deployment as easy and automated as possible.  We are maintaining web
code (Cold Fusion) on a Solaris box.  We are developing and testing on the
same machine.  I have a live test directory, which is the htdocs directory
under the Apache Install, and have working directories set up under each
developer's home directory.  I think that I have the directory structure
that I want now, and I am using export to populate the $WEBROOT (htdocs)
from the repository, so it is fairly easy to update the Live site.

My two questions (sorry for the long intro)
1.  Is there a better way to remove a repository then rm -Rf ?  This seems
to cause missing file links in the OS and requires me to do fsck on reboot.

2.  When I run the export command from my htdocs folder it doesn't update
the subdirectories, I have had to rm everything under htdocs and then do an
export.  I am a little uneasy about doing all of these rm's.

Any best practices or suggestions will be much appreciated.

Brad Tumy
Pragmatics, Inc.
McLean, VA 22102

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