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RE: 1.11.5 Server and older clients

From: Lynch, Harold
Subject: RE: 1.11.5 Server and older clients
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 14:28:56 -0500

The only gotcha I have seen is if you use the 1.11.5 server and an older
client (in out case 1.10.8) you 
could not remove branched because the client didn't recognize the extra parm
rtag needed for branch removal.

Harold Lynch

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Subject: Re: 1.11.5 Server and older clients

Kyle Adams writes:
> We're looking to upgrade our Solaris installations of CVS from 1.11 to
> 1.11.5.  Is it better to upgrade the various machines where CVS is used
> as a client first, or better to upgrade our CVS server first?  For
> various reasons, we'd prefer to upgrade our server first, but only if
> this doesn't cause any problems when using older clients to access the
> server.

It doesn't matter, you can generally mix and match client and server
versions any way you want without problem.

-Larry Jones

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