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Vendor import and funky branch merge

From: Steve Madsen
Subject: Vendor import and funky branch merge
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 17:27:31 -0800
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We have a project here that is basically a set of vendor sources with a small number of local changes. The project started life as an initial import, had some local changes committed, and recently another import.

Between the local changes and the second import, some branches were made for more intensive work.

After the second import, it became obvious to me that some of those local changes were actually patches from the vendor and should have been imported so they ended up on the vendor branch. To fix the cases were a file was entirely vendor patches, I used "cvs admin -b<vendor> <file>" to revert to the vendor version and ignore the local changes entirely.

This is creating an interesting situation now that we're trying to merge one of those branches back to the HEAD. As an example, one file was at revision 1.4 when the branch was made. No changes have been made on the branch. When I merge, cvs wants to merge changes between 1.1 and 1.4 into HEAD, while the HEAD is revision

As it turns out, in every case where I used admin -b, CVS is using the wrong range of revisions to perform the merge. Anyone else seen something like this?

Steve Madsen <address@hidden>
Tadpole Computer, Inc.

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