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Creating patches for a previous release using updates from the trunk?

From: Daniel M. Quinlan
Subject: Creating patches for a previous release using updates from the trunk?
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 16:32:07 -0700 (MST)

In our environment, we develop exclusively on the trunk; periodically
we try to coalesce all the development and make a release of the
compiled code. In spite of our efforts, we must normally create patches
during the interval until the next release.

I am unclear how to keep and maintain a record of the patched release
in the repository.  Currently, we just tag the release, though we
probably should make a branch tag also.

Normally, the source revisions for the patches will be (or have already
been) developed on the trunk, and are then integrated into the release
by hand (eg, copying the relevant files to the right directory and
running make).

I would prefer to run some sort of update/commit commands on the
release branch, to avoid the copy, and so that I could later checkout
from the repository the patched release source.  However, I get the
impression from the documentation and info-cvs archives that this is
either not possible or involves a potentially horrendous number of

Is it possible from some directory in the branch to update some files
or the whole directory from the trunk with a cvs command?  And then
check them in as a revision to the branch?

Alternatively, is there some other standard approach to this problem?

I'd like to see explicit examples of the commands involved; some of the
archive files talk about things like this, but it's unclear how the
branch updates are occurring; /bin/cp seems to be a possibility.

-- danq  

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