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CVS internal access control list patch updated to 1.11.5-perm3

From: Corey Minyard
Subject: CVS internal access control list patch updated to 1.11.5-perm3
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 14:23:36 -0600
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I have updated the access control list patch to add some new features.
An upgrade is not required, this release fixes minor annoyances and adds
new features.  A special thanks goes to the users who helped me with
this release.

In case you don't know, this patch adds the following:

* directory/file/branch permissions done internally to CVS.  Each CVS
  user can have permissions on a file, users may be in groups and the
  groups given permissions, permissions can optionally propigate down
  directories.  The user does not need to have a real account on the
  CVS server, and the CVS server can run as any user (it doesn't have
  to be root).  Basically, this is access control lists (ACLs) built in
  to CVS.

* An SSL interface for CVS, basically pserver over SSL.

* Remote administraction capabilities, including the ability for the
  users to change their own passwords and the ability for administrators
  to add and remove users.

You can get it at

The changes since the last release are:

* Removes the requirement that the name of the connected-to machine
  match the certificate's name. This was a pain and really added little
  to security. Now you can use sserver with port forwarding.
* Cleaned up the permissions code a little. The order that permissions
  are checked have changed a little. It shouldn't affect many people (if
  any) but the new way makes more sense.
* Added tagging and branching permissions. Now you can give a user the
  ability to tag or make a branch without the ability to write to the
* When using the repository prefix, the prefix is not reported in all
  file names now. This allows the repository prefix to be used with
* Some minor SSL cleanups for shutdown.


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