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Re: CVS as storage

From: david
Subject: Re: CVS as storage
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 07:15:51 -0600 (CST)

> hi all,
>       i m newbie regarding CVS repository used as storage.
>       we are using CVS with a document management system. for now
> 5000 files are added to the repository in a months time. but in 
> couple
> of months this will go upto 10 times the current load. will this 
> affect
> access to the repository? will i need some extra tools to manage 
> the
> repository?
This is rather hard to answer.

What sort of documents are these?  Will they be stored as text, or
as binary?  Are they exceptionally large?  Will the number continue
to increase rapidly after 50,000?

Also, how many documents will one person normally deal with?  During
certain operations, CVS builds a copy of everything being checked out
or updated in /tmp.  If we're talking about 50K documents at 100K
each, that's five gigabytes you need in /tmp per simultaneous user,
and there are memory requirements also.

So, one question is whether the server is big enough.  There's
also questions of bandwidth if these files are going to be changed
frequently, since an update then could result in large amounts of
information going around.

CVS can handle large repositories, which is about the only answer
I can make without knowing more.

Now building a CVS reference site at

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