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Beware cygwin and CVS - moving tree risks.

From: Gianni Mariani
Subject: Beware cygwin and CVS - moving tree risks.
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 07:37:25 -0800
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This is just a friendly note for anyone using cywin and CVS in a mixed environment (with samba and linux).

As you are probably aware CVS stores it's control files as text files and does not like spurious "\r"'s in random strings that it reads. FINE - trees checked out on unix remain as trees checked out on unix (even though you can get to them via samba shares, jou just DON'T do that.

Until yesterday, I was not aware that cygwin changes the text file line endings depedning on which windoze share you are opening - YIKES !

That means a tree checked out on an NT machine, moved to a linux machine and shared through a share has changed it's line-ending semantics which means the *same* cygwin/cvs is unable to use that tree.

I recently has a collegue that accidently nuked his Windoze system registry and had to re-install. To save his tree we booted linux and saved the entire NTFS partition on another linux box, we then mounted that partition on the linux box (using the loopback file device - very cool - cudos to the nerds who did this one!) and viola, new box, old tree, samba .... share away, back up and running .... NOT

Doing a bit-for-bit copy of the contents of the saved tree to the local drive made the world well again !

So, after too much time spent messing with this I came across some cywin docs that spoke about the change of CR-LF/LF semantics depending of where the file is being mounted (google is your friend). Somehow, cygwin automagically knows you're on some samba share and uses unix style semantics for repositories in that share. Just think of what mess you could generate with this kind of setup !

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