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RSE patchset updated for CVS 1.11.3

From: Ralf S. Engelschall
Subject: RSE patchset updated for CVS 1.11.3
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 13:19:30 +0100
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I've upgraded my CVS enhancement patchset to apply cleanly to the new
CVS 1.11.3 version. This CVS patchset I've made a longer time ago and
I'm maintaining them since this time for optional use in the OpenPKG
( "cvs" package.

This patched CVS version is used since years on CVS repository
server-side of the OSSP (, OpenPKG
(, OpenSSL ( and WML
( Open-Source projects. Hence it mainly provides
enhancements for use on the CVS server-side ("cvs pserverd", etc).
Nevertheless it also contains a few neat CVS client-side features ("cvs
root", etc).

In detail, the following changes against the vendor CVS version are
provided (from the README file):

  - new `cvs pserverd' for running stand-alone pserver daemons
  - support for an `admininfo' hook to ACL `cvs admin' commands.
  - support for an `importinfo' hook to ACL `cvs import' commands.
  - support for a `-h<handle>' option to `cvs diff' for compressed time spec.
  - allow a hard-coded CVS super-user to override the CVS user via $CVSUSER
  - support for .cvsrc files in both $HOME and working and its parent dirs
  - support for $HOME/.cvsroot to alias CVSROOTs and to support root mirrors
  - support global but command specific options in .cvsrc files
  - support for stand-alone external custom commands `cvs <command>'
  - support for prolog and epilog command line hooks
  - support `$LocalId$, a local keyword variant of `$Id$'
  - support `$CVSHeader$, a variant of `$Header$', but without root path
  - new `cvs -u' option in addition to `cvs -n' for _REAL_ read-only access
  - support for additional `%x' variables on `loginfo' hook command lines
  - support a `UMask=<mask>' variable in `$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/config'
  - speeded up `cvs update' by sending whole file if smaller than the diff
  - disabled keyword expansions during branch merges
  - adjusted `cvs diff -rHEAD' to be consistent with other commands
  - set `$LOGNAME' to the real user and not the CVS user
  - support for `HistoryFile=<rel-path-under-CVSROOT>' variable in config.
  - use prefix 'T' ("touched/tagged") instead of 'U' ("updated") on `cvs import'
  - allow `LockDir' configuration directive to use relative paths
  - additional SetUID/SetGID support for `cvs server' situations.
  - new global --map-root=/oldpath:/newpath option for mapping root paths
  - support for wildcards in CVSROOT/passwd files to decrease admin efforts
  - various cosmetic changes

More details about the individual patches can be found in the README.RSE
at the top of the patchset.

Not all of those patches are obviously reasonable to take over into the
official CVS sources at, of course. But I would be happy if
at least some of them would be taken over because they could be useful
for others, too. Feel free to rip out whatever you like, the patches are
not copyrighted or otherwise restricted.

You can find the latest patchset in the OpenPKG CVS repository:

So see them in action, you can apply them yourself to a vanilla
CVS 1.11.3 source tree or just install an OpenPKG instance
and the OpenPKG-CURRENT "cvs" package which can be found at

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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