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Re: Empty val-tags file

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Re: Empty val-tags file
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 17:16:13 +0100

> > >cvs.exe -t update -rVERSION15 VarioSam/Applicat/Src/Iologger.cpp
> >
> >-> main loop with CVSROOT=:local:n:/temp/variosam
> >cvs.exe [update aborted]: no such tag VERSION15

I'm clueless at this point.  Just out of curiosity, does it make any
difference if you run the command in the directory containing the file
rather than using a path name in the command?  That is:

        cd VarioSam/Applicat/Src
        cvs update -rVERSION15 Iologger.cpp

Guess what, it worked a lot better. And also the val-tags file was updated
after this command. Then I went back to N:\Temp\vs\VarioSam, so still
inside the module, this also worked. But going back one step to
N:\Temp\vs and specifying full module path (VarioSam is the module)
it failed again.

This is the working trace. The non-working is same as above.
N:\Temp\vs\VarioSam\Applicat\Src>cvs -t update -rVERSION15 Iologger.cpp
-> main loop with CVSROOT=n:\temp\variosam
-> rename(Iologger.cpp,CVS/,,Iologger.cpp)
-> checkout (n:\temp\variosam/VarioSam/Applicat/Src/Iologger.cpp,v, 1.7, , Iologger.cpp)
-> chmod(Iologger.cpp,100666)
-> Register(Iologger.cpp, 1.7, Thu Dec 19 15:55:19 2002, , VERSION15 )
-> fopen(n:\temp\variosam/CVSROOT/history,a)
U Iologger.cpp
-> unlink_file_dir(CVS/,,Iologger.cpp)
-> rename(CVS/Entries.Backup,CVS/Entries)
-> unlink(CVS/Entries.Log)

The CVSROOT _was_ set with forward slashes, cvs itself changed them to
backslashes again. If I issued the command outside the module and chose
a tag already existing in the val-tags file it worked and there was a further
line in the trace before the others:
-> main loop with CVSROOT=:local:n:/temp/variosam

Any ideas for further checks?
Thanks so far

bye   Fabi

It must be sad being a species with so little imagination. -- Calvin

I don't take it personally :) Like Calvin anyway.

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