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checking out and branches

From: cc
Subject: checking out and branches
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 19:14:46 +0800
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I made a minor goof up during one of my WinCVS sessions.  I wanted to
retrieve the trunk of one particular file from the repository.  But,
unfortunately, WinCVS checked out that particular revision for
ALL my files.  So that left me with less than the number of files
I had originally.  No biggy.  I went and deleted the working directory
and did a brand new check-out.

It didn't come out as I had planned as the checkout didn't checkout
the particular versions from the branches that I was editing.  But
if I specify a branch, WinCVS removes the rest of the files from the
working directory.

How do I check out the branch revisions of some files while checking
out the main trunk of other files during a checkout of the whole

While I'm on the topic of branches, I took a look at the graph of some
of my files and noticed(not surprisingly) that I had branched the files
and made the modifications within the branches.  So right now, I have
a  few files with a short main trunk and a long branch.  Under this
circumstance, should I just flatten the system so that it's just one
main trunk?   Do I just merge the branch with the main trunk?  In the
help file, there was the assumption that I continued adding code to
the main trunk(which isn't the case here), so I don't know if the
same merge command would apply since the main-trunk merge point
(in my case) is the branch-point(where it branches out) as well.
I don't want to screw up my repository that much, so I'll wait
for any clarifications in this matter.

Any help appreciated.  Thanks.


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