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Re: Empty val-tags file

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Re: Empty val-tags file
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 08:50:46 +0100

The root with forward slashes (in all cvs meta data root files as well as
environment variable) didn't help either. As cvs finds the repository and
just complains about the tag I didn't have much hope on this anyway
but I will try everything to get it to work. (Otherwise my customer lynches
me :)

>cvs.exe -t update -rVERSION15 VarioSam/Applicat/Src/Iologger.cpp

-> main loop with CVSROOT=:local:n:/temp/variosam
cvs.exe [update aborted]: no such tag VERSION15

Can you tell me what reasons there could be why it can't find a tag? I don't
think it's about line endings as it's all local, so same file system and no
network issues. The log command shows the tag and all the other info
so the file shouldn't be corrupted. After adding the tag to the val-tags file
everything works. That would also mean that the file itself is ok.
I don't have the cvs source code. What reasons are there that it can't find
the tag if cvs has to look in the file itself? Any "special" string compares?
Case issues? Forbidden chars in tags?



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