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Re: "cvs server:Up-to-date check failed for 'team/test/'

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: "cvs server:Up-to-date check failed for 'team/test/'
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 22:49:08 -0800
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Okay, I'm just curious here, but why is your character encoding set to Japanese?

 Could some body help to know what this problem is.
 Am working on CVS installed on win2k and connecting from IBM's

There is no CVS - current version is 1.11.2, with 1.11.3 impending. Please double check the version, and if you have reported it correctly, could please you cut-and-paste the version output? I vaguely recall someone else reporting this version before.

I got the following error while releasing the modified java file into the

This was the initial dialog window shown with the message
"You have changes that conflict with the server. Release those changes?".
I clicked "Yes" and continued and then got the following error.

I'm a little confused here. Vanilla CVS does not have messageboxes. What platform is this?

The CVS repository reported problem.(dialog window).
When i see the details, this was the message.
"cvs server:Up-to-date check failed for 'team/test/'
cvs[server aborted]:correct above errors first.

The up-to-date check failure means that the file has been checked in by someone else while you were working on it. Run `cvs update` to get the merge and possible conflict (perhaps the dialog box means conflict?)



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