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Re: Empty val-tags file

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Re: Empty val-tags file
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:47:17 +0100

Although you switched to forward slashes in the command, you'll not that
your root still contains backslashes.
Is n: really a local drive, or is it some kind of network share?  If
it's a network share, then the problem is almost certainly some kind of
bug or incompatibility in the network filesystem.  If the repository
isn't local, you should use client/server CVS to access it, not network

No, it may look funny but it's really local, I have C, F, and N as local
drives :)

The root with forward slashes (in all cvs meta data root files as well as
environment variable) didn't help either. As cvs finds the repository and
just complains about the tag I didn't have much hope on this anyway
but I will try everything to get it to work. (Otherwise my customer lynches
me :)

>cvs.exe -t update -rVERSION15 VarioSam/Applicat/Src/Iologger.cpp

-> main loop with CVSROOT=:local:n:/temp/variosam
cvs.exe [update aborted]: no such tag VERSION15

Thanks for helping.

bye  Fabi

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