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Weird problem, not urgent, just curious

From: Walter, Jan
Subject: Weird problem, not urgent, just curious
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:14:10 +0100

When I do a 'cvs co -D "Dec 06 2002" myproject' some files get tossed in
that were actually removed from cvs in October. They dont appear in a normal
'cvs co myproject' (obviously the directories do unless I use the prune
option). Doing a 'cvs log' command on these files shows them as having been
dead, and now having a status of 'Exp;' - the rcs path shows them as living
in the attic. 

What's up with that?

We're still using CVS 1.11p1 - maybe that's a quirk that got fixed in 1.12.
Next question - any upgrade gotchas?


Mr. Jan Walter
PolyMind PDM

Trappentreustr. 1; D-80339 M√ľnchen
Phone: +49-(0)89-231180-18
Fax: +49-(0)89-231180-90 

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